CBD Softgels

VIOBIN’s top-of-the-line CBD softgels provide an easy and convenient way for consumers to take their daily CBD products. Our premium CBD hemp oil is encapsulated in bovine-derived gelatin and combined with a coconut MCT carrier oil for a completely flavorless product.

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Unlike other manufacturers, we’re committed to using high-quality broad-spectrum and full-spectrum distillate throughout our CBD softgel line – these are not just softgels filled with isolate. For VIOBIN, great hemp and great CBD byproducts are part of the equation, but that alone isn’t enough. It’s about understanding which CBD varieties work best in which applications. For CBD softgels, that means using distillate across the board. Our team’s extensive product knowledge ensures that we’re offering our customers incredible value when it comes to all our VIOBIN CBD products, bulk and retail, alike.

Buy CBD Softgels for less from a trusted source

Unsure where to buy CBD softgels? Look no further than VIOBIN. We believe that it’s crucial to source your CBD products from a trusted source. Whether you’re a consumer or a retailer, VIOBIN has the perfect CBD oil softgel product for you. We offer high-quality, low-cost CBD products with hemp that comes directly from the farm. The personal relationships we have with our farmers and our ability to trace all our raw materials back to the source is a key component of VIOBIN’s trusted business model.

With each VIOBIN bulk order you can expect to receive a third-party COA with the option for a hemp and/or harvest license to provide all the essential information you and your customers need. As for VIOBIN retail orders, you can conveniently scan a QR code on the softgel bottle that will take you directly to VIOBIN’s robust library of third-party COAs right on your smartphone.

VIOBIN ensures that there’s no smoke and mirrors when it comes to our CBD offerings – just great products made from 100% traceable, American-grown hemp and manufactured in our GMP-certified: BRC facility.

Our CBD gel softgel products are available in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum varieties with 10 mg and 25 mg potency options for each. Whether you’re looking to purchase a single 30 ct. container of CBD gel softgels or place a 5,000 ct. CBD oil softgel order, VIOBIN has the right products at the right prices for you.

Our low prices are a product of our efficient manufacturing practices and commitment to providing real-time solutions for CBD brands looking to scale their businesses and expand their portfolio of product offerings that have consumer needs in mind.

We offer VIOBIN customers a variety of purchasing options including CBD softgels in bulk, white label, and private label order quantities. These options are available for the entirety of our portfolio: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, 10 mg, and 25 mg varieties. Whatever your business needs are, VIOBIN can work with you to create your ideal CBD oil softgel product line.

Our CBD Softgels Include Broad and Full Spectrum choices 

Full-spectrum CBD Softgels 

Our full-spectrum CBD softgels are designed for the CBD aficionado. We combine our full-spectrum CBD distillate, derived from industrial hemp, with MCT oil for a truly top-of-the-line CBD product. Encapsulated on-site in bovine-derived gelatin, we truly have visibility on our gel cap offerings throughout the entirety of the supply chain. All our CBD softgels are manufactured in our GMP-certified: BRC facility using modern food safe manufacturing processes perfected by our team of engineers.

VIOBIN’s full-spectrum CBD softgels are perfect for those who love full-spectrum tinctures but are perhaps looking for an alternative way to take their daily cannabinoids. They’re unflavored, and their small size makes for easy consumption. Available in 10 mg CBD softgels and 25 mg CBD softgels, there’s a VIOBIN CBD softgel variant for your CBD needs!

Broad-spectrum CBD Softgels 

VIOBIN’s broad spectrum CBD softgels contain broad spectrum distillate combined with MCT oil and bovine-derived gelatin. To create our signature broad-spectrum distillate, our CBD goes through a careful third-party remediation process.

Available for bulk or retail purchase, in 10 mg and 25 mg CBD softgels, broad-spectrum CBD softgels can be the perfect product to round out a robust line of CBD product offerings. Like our full-spectrum variant, VIOBIN’s broad-spectrum CBD softgels are also a simple substitute for our broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

CBD Softgels vs CBD Oil

VIOBIN’s CBD oil softgel are a great option for those who want to take CBD but don’t want to have to measure out a serving size from an oil dropper. Our two standard stock potency offerings, 10 mg and 25 mg, are a straightforward way to manage and monitor your CBD intake.

You may be wondering, “what is the difference between taking CBD softgel vs oil?” Simply put, it’s all about personal preference. Our CBD tinctures offer a variety of flavors and more personal control over how much CBD you take per serving. On the other hand, VIOBIN’s CBD softgel come in 10 mg and 25 mg potency options, offered in an unflavored, bovine-derived gelatin softgel.

When it comes to the CBD content of each product, either our premium full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD distillate is used for the active ingredient. The distillate type is then combined with an all natural coconut carrier oil (MCT).