Hospital Grade & EPA Approved Industrial Disinfectant

The consistency of Electro-Biocide® makes it ideal for industrial cleaning applications.

Truly Nontoxic Industrial Disinfectant

There is no need to dilute Electro-Biocide®. Simply add the solution to a spray bottle or industrial cleaning equipment. Electro-Biocide® is safe and environmentally friendly.

We have used and tested Electro-Biocide® in hundreds of applicators and dispensers from a basic hand spray bottle to electrostatic spraying systems.

Works Great with Electrostatic Sprayers

To get consistent and widespread coverage on surfaces, we recommend using an electrostatic sprayer. While traditional methods of basic spray bottles and hand pumps are suitable for home use, when it comes to commercial applications electrostatic is by far more effective. Electrostatic machines take the liquid added to them and charge the surface with positive ions. When sprayed the charges in the liquid wrap around the sprayed surface even if it is not sprayed entirely around the surface. This allows for a wrapped around consistent application of disinfectant on the sprayed surface. 

PHM Safe Electrostatic Sprayers are our choice because they do not require cords, compressors, or gauges. Simply pour Electro-Biocide into the tank, turn on the PHM Safe Electrostatic Sprayer, hold 20-30 inches from desired treatment area, and pull the trigger. Additionally, PHM Safe Electrostatic Sprayers use on average 65% less chemicals than a traditional sprayer.

Each Sprayer comes with a 16.8 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery (VP20) that lasts up to 4 hours. A charger comes with each sprayer.

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Tested and Compatible With:

  • Pneumatic Sprayers
  • Extractors: Floor Scrubbers
  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Pressure Washers

Technical Specifications

Application Instructions