Recalls costs companies millions of dollars, hundreds of man hours, and damages your brand’s reputation. Guardian can prevent that.

Guardian is a food-safe pathogen reduction solution that prevents recalls and preserves functionality in food ingredients.

How does the Guardian solution work?

Guardian uses patented processes and equipment to create an “energized” water based solution that when applied to food reduces micro bacteria. In addition, Guardian solutions can be customized to reduce mycotoxins in grains.

Guardian is cost effective, preserves functionality, safe for organics and non-gmo, does not add to the ingredient label (it is a processing aid), can dial in the microbe reduction based on your needs, and builds trust with your customers.

What are the benefits of using Guardian?

Guardian Uses

Guardian can be customized to accommodate your specific food. The concentration and pH can be adjusted to fit the needs of the product and we have expert staff available to create a Guardian solution to meet the needs of any ingredient or process such as:






As the technology was originally developed to decontaminate and disinfect highly valuable and sensitive equipment for the US military, it was designed from the start for optimal safety and material compatibility.

Based on this fact coupled with the extremely low level of any residuals left behind after application, the product is suited for multiple uses throughout the food and beverage industries.

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