Safely Reduce Pathogens & Mycotoxins in Food Ingredients with Guardian™

Introducing Guardian™

Revolutionary food safety technology

Guardian™ is a customizable solution that is individually and uniquely formulated to eliminate a wide spectrum of food-borne pathogens and mycotoxins that continually challenge the agricultural supply chain. Our business model is to partner with expert market share leaders in the industry to commercialize the technologies in specific market segments.

Guardian™ transcends the shortcomings of traditional chlorine dioxide solutions due to its unique formulation and manufacturing processes. The formula’s active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in a highly energized, water-based fluid that is subject to a series of patents and patents pending.

The Safe Choice for Microbial Elimination in Food

We know of no other product that in many applications achieves up to a near-immediate 99.9999% (six log) kill on the industry’s most stubborn pathogens, yet has the toxicity of tap water (or EPA’s lowest toxicity rating, Category IV “Practically Non-Toxic”)

Safe on Food Ingredients and Equipment

First developed and utilized in the US Defense Industry

Guardian™ solution meets FDA Guidelines for use on food. It has the lowest EPA toxicity rating, Category IV, and is made from ingredients compliant with the EPA's Designed for the Environment certification. Making it a safe and “GREEN” solution for reducing microbes in food ingredients.

Guardian™ has been designed and manufactured to have excellent material compatibility characteristics to protect expensive equipment. Guardian™ has been shown to be less corrosive than tap water, a key to sensitive equipment. The non-toxic and non-corrosive formulation makes Guardian™ ideal for use in food ingredient manufacturing.

Guardian™ Uses

Guardian™ can be customized to accommodate your specific food. The concentration and pH can be adjusted to fit the needs of the product and we have expert staff available to create a Guardian™ solution to meet the needs of any ingredient or process such as:





How Does the Guardian™ Solution Work?

Guardian™ uses patented processes and equipment to create an “energized” water-based solution that when applied to food reduces microbacteria. In addition, Guardian™ solution can be customized to reduce mycotoxins in grains.

Guardian™ is cost effective, preserves functionality, safe for organics and NON-GMO, does not add to the ingredient label (it is a processing aid), can dial in the microbe-reduction based on your needs, and builds trust with your customers.

Traditional Pathogen Reduction

Dissolves the cellular wall of the pathogen. The process enables the microbe to build resistance.

Guardian™ Pathogen Reduction

Violently ruptures the cellular wall of a pathogen, forcibly removing the organism’s “guts” (i.e., nucleoid, DNA, ribosome, cytoplasm, etc.). Completely destroys the pathogen with no ability for the pathogen to ever build immunity.

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