Frequently Asked Questions

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Disinfectant Product Information

Where is Electro-Biocide® manufactured?

Electro-Biocide® is manufactured in Denver, CO.

What color should Electro-Biocide® be?

Electro-Biocide® is a transparent yellow fluid while active. It gets its signature color from the powerful dissolved gas, Chlorine Dioxide. Most ClO2 solutions can only retain this gas in suspension for mere hours. SRO's patented technology holds effective concentrations tightly in suspension for months.

How do I know if the Electro-Biocide® I have is no longer effective?

As Electro-Biocide's active ingredient dissipates, the transition from a yellow liquid to clear provides a visual indication of expiration.

Does Electro-Biocide® have an odor?

Yes, it has a standard cleaner type odor. Similar to chlorine but dissipates quickly.

What is the difference between each of the products on your website?

Electro-Biocide® is formulated for food contact surfaces: No rinse required on food contact surfaces. Proven across most hard and soft surfaces.

Hand Sanitizer is formulated to The World Health Organization standards for ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Is there gluten in Electro-Biocide® ?

Based on the information provided by our suppliers, there is no gluten expected to be present in our product. Manufacturing Electro-Biocide® contains no proteins or high molecular weight material.

How is the charge in Electro-Biocide® different from electrostatic?​

Using an electrostatic sprayer does not charge a disinfectant the same way Electro-Biocide is charged. Electrostatic sprayers charge the ions in a liquid, so they are attracted to wrap around objects and surfaces. Electro-Biocide on the other hand is charged through a proprietary process that is used in the killing of viruses and bacteria.

Disinfectant General Use

The Use by Date sticker on the container is only 15 days, but can I use after the expiration dates?

Yes, Electro-Biocide® has completed studies that have extended that shelf life to 35 days at a temperature between 70⁰F - 72⁰F and 5 months when Refrigerated between 35⁰F - 39⁰F. We are in the process of getting EPA approval to update the expiration date on the label.

Do I need to wipe off this product after applying it?

No, it is most effective when the product is allowed to air dry on the surface. After it dries, there is no residue therefore this spray can be used where consumable food products are placed and prepared.

Is Electro-Biocide® safe to use around children?

Yes. Electro-BioCide® is one out of the 3,000 EPA registered surface disinfectants and sanitizers, less than 100 have the EPA’s Category IV lowest toxicity rating, and of those, less than 10 have the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Certification.

Is Electro-Biocide® corrosive to surfaces or equipment?

Electro-Biocide® has been designed and manufactured to have excellent material compatibility characteristics to protect expensive equipment. Electro-Biocide® has been shown to be less corrosive than tap water, a key to sensitive equipment decontamination.

Disinfectant Safety

What does the Lowest EPA Toxicity Rating mean?

The EPA uses a product’s toxicology data to determine its hazard category rating. Electro-Biocide® was categorized as Category IV, which is the lowest toxicity rating and therefore does NOT require precautionary statements on the label, such as DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION or Hazard to Humans and Domestic Animals.

Is Electro-Biocide® safe for people and the environment?

Yes. Electro-Biocide® has the lowest EPA toxicity rating, Category IV and the Design for the Environment Certification. Out of the 3,000 EPA registered surface disinfectants and sanitizers, less than 100 have the EPA’s Category IV lowest toxicity rating. Of those, less than 10 have the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Certification.

Does the product create antimicrobial resistance?

No. Electro-Biocide® rapidly destroys the cell membranes and dissolves cell proteins. It evaporates and leaves nothing behind to let germs become resistant.

What is the active ingredient in Electro-Biocide®

Electro-Biocide®’s active ingredient is dissolved chlorine dioxide gas and is known for its violent destructive properties against health threatening viruses and bacteria yet is completely environmentally friendly.

Does Electro-Biocide® cause supergerms?

No. Electro-Biocide® is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that has been laboratory and field proven effective on MRSA and other hospital "superbugs", yet is safe for use around our children, our elderly, and our pets.