With plenty of CBD oil options available, we’ve done everything we can to make ours a no-brainer. Our tinctures start with hand selected American grown hemp that is extracted into both full and broad spectrum high CBD distillates. Know exactly what you’re getting with provided third party lab results, and save big buying directly from the source!

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CBD Oil That Costs Less and Works Better

With CBD products the old adage, “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true. No matter how expensive, some products may not be using quality CBD, if any at all. Given the sheer number of products on the market and potentially nefarious sellers, spending a few minutes on the front end educating yourself will lead to much higher satisfaction on the back end.

So how much does CBD oil cost? In order to completely answer that question it is important to understand potency (how much CBD is in each dropper) as well as what is full spectrum CBD oil and how it is different from broad spectrum. Above all, the first thing to confirm is quality.

Trustworthy CBD operations will proudly display their CoA — Certificate of Authenticity — for each product they sell. These third-party documents verify the true CBD potency as well as THC content. When purchasing low cost CBD oil, a valid third-party CoA verifies that no matter how affordable a product is, the desired cannabinoids are present.

Before asking, “how much is CBD oil” – ask about quality. Seeking out a third-party COA before buying ensures you won’t get duped.

Why is CBD oil so Expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! Viobin offers affordable CBD in a variety of forms both full and broad spectrum from tinctures to softgels. But don’t let the low price fool you.

Viobin works directly with farmers across the United States to source the best CBD-rich hemp plants available. That biomass is transported directly to our facilities in the Midwest where we’ve been processing specialty oils since 1936. After extracting the CBD oil we source high quality accompaniments to create our products.

Whether it is wheat germ oil — the highest naturally occurring source of Vitamin E processed right here in our own facilities — or procuring MCT oil for our tinctures, we’re invested in every ingredient going into our products. We even have an in-house research and development team consistently developing new products and fine tuning our existing offerings to make sure they’re the best out there.

Being present for every step of the process allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve got a full database of CoAs to prove our history of quality.

Not All Brands Earned Their High Prices (many are ripping you off)

Since the Hemp Farming Act was approved in 2018 the CBD space has been filled with a great deal of exciting developments. Unfortunately, not all vendors have the best intentions. Given the newness of CBD and common misconceptions many companies don’t have the credentials to back up their claims.

How do these companies get away with it? By including a small amount of CBD isolate anything and everything, their products can then be considered a CBD product. But that small amount of isolate doesn’t provide a meaningful amount of CBD or offer the benefits of including CBD distillate alongside the powdered isolate. Dosage instructions on how much CBD oil to take may be inflated to encourage buying more of their product – Same for questions regarding “how long does CBD oil last?”.

This might be why that CBD product you bought months ago didn’t seem to do anything for you. There may not have been enough CBD in the product (if any) and the usage instructions may have been deceptive.

Higher priced CBD products can be worth the cost when you know what you’re getting. Costlier hemp extracts used to create full and broad spectrum products likely have more benefits and warrant the higher pricing — especially if those products are backed up by third-party COAs (which often add tens of thousands in CBD oil costs but provide peace of mind to consumers.)

What to look for in CBD oil

Given the average cost of CBD oil it is important to work through a quick checklist to verify the quality before buying. Viobin products consider the following to be the minimum standard for quality, but here is what to look for in CBD oil:

Certificate of Authenticity

Performed by a third party to ensure quality. Look for CBD content as well as THC content as related to full and broad spectrum.

Full and Broad Spectrum Products

Lots of big brands don’t offer both full and broad spectrum products because they’re only using isolate, which limits the scope cannabinoids to CBD alone – Full spectrum products will more often provide CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBD, and a legal amount (0.3%) of THC.

Genuine broad spectrum products tend to offer the same array of cannabinoids as full spectrum but with the majority of the THC removed completely (usually showing 0% THC on a third party lab result).

American Hemp

Supporting sustainable crops on American soil provides tangential benefits beyond those of the CBD product you’re buying.

Food-safe Certifications

Facilities producing supplements should have food-grade certifications at a bare minimum. Viobin’s facilities are food safe, Kosher and GMP Certified via BRC.

This short list is just a start in learning how to choose CBD oil. As a long-time producer of specialty oils, Viobin has the experience and commitment to quality that has made us a staple in the supplement space since 1936. We’re proud to continue that tradition with our new line of CBD products.

How is Viobin able to offer such a low cost CBD Oil?

Full vertical integration from farm to CBD oil.

Viobin goes straight to the source, working directly with large scale hemp farms in America. Through meaningful farmer relations we acquire hemp grown on American soil with CBD extraction in mind.

That extraction takes place at our facilities in Northern Indiana. By working with hemp high in CBD levels, we spend less time and money extracting CBD oil, which helps us keep the cost of CBD oil down.

We also own the manufacturing facilities where our tinctures, softgels and many other products are made. This allows us to run a high-capacity direct to consumer operation while also accommodating white and private label ventures.

Given the large capacity of our hemp-processing facilities, it is possible you’ve been consuming Viobin-produced CBD oil in some of your favorite products without even realizing it. So why not go straight to the source with our high-quality, affordable products?