Keeping your Restaurant Safe!

wholesale pricing available

Keeping your Restaurant Safe!

wholesale pricing available

Our disinfectant cleaner Electro-Biocide is safe to use on food surfaces, around people, and around pets. Electro-Biocide is also approved by the EPA to kill CoronaVirus as well as 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and viruses. On top of that it is environmentally friendly and is as safe as TAP WATER! You can even spray and walk away if you would like. It is fast drying!

Our hand sanitizer is designed to be highly effective with 80% alcohol content. Compare that to other hand sanitizers! Also, it is made to mist onto the hands instead of pump. This allows for less mess on floors and counters. Plus, it is FDA approved!

Our Back-in-Business starter kit has everything you need to sanitize and disinfect. We simply send you the starter pack and then each month you get refills of sanitizer and disinfectant!

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Hand Sanitizer Stand with Spray Dispenser.

What makes this better is it’s solid metal construction plus the automactic touchless dispenser sprays a mist on your hands instead of a blob of sanitizer. This reduces the amount of sanitizer that lands on your floor.


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